Beginning: Thursdays
September 5th, 6:20 - 6:55pm

Beginning: Thursdays
September 5th, 5:40- 6:15pm

Four Week Classes: $40 

Six Week Classes:  $65   

All classes are 35 minutes, once each week. 

Acting Skits: Six Weeks with a Showcase at the end
Students work in groups to act out different (age-appropriate) acting scenes, some works are from past TV, Movies and plays. This class helps to improve memory, character development, self-confidence, and stage presence. Ages 7-16

Beginning: Thursdays September 5th, 5:00 - 5:35pm

Acting Games: Four Weeks 
Helps to improve confidence and to think on your feet! Students learn to strategize and work in teams. Ages 7-16

Acting / Modeling

Modeling - The Catwalk: Four Weeks with a Showcase at the end
Students learn to walk with grace and style! This is a fun class that allows students to pretend to be on the Catwalk, learn etiquette, fashion poses. Students bring their favorite outfits or costumes for the modeling show. Students pose for a fun photo session at the end of the four weeks. Includes 1 Free Photo to choose from.

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